Welcome to Hotel Priča.

I guess my English name would be The Story Hotel, because story means 'priča' in Croatian. It is pronounced - preecha!

I got this name for being the only known hotel that talks to its guests. 'Priča' also means talks.

All of my stories are nice and have a happy ending, like weddings, engagement parties, graduation celebrations or joyful events of any kind. There is a lot of laughter, dancing, giggling, hugging and smiling going on.

Sometimes guests choose me for the peace and quiet, as I am in a residential neighbourhood, surrounded by nature and magical places. The others just come here for the stories.

Have you decided on your room yet?
Each of them has a story to tell.

Welcome, I am so glad you found us.
Grab a chair, have a drink, so we can toast your arrival!


Hotel Priča (Story)

Let us now head down a hallway full of doors,
gentle ivy will take your hand
and show you the way
from door to door
let my walls guide you

Dear guests,
this is not the end. Plenty of stories left for your ears.

When it’s time for celebration, joy and fun,
to Park želja in my backyard you should run.
It’s peculiar with somewhat mysterious veil,
in it you’ll feel just like in a wonderful tale.